How To Naturally Dye Locs Jet Black!

Every 6-8 months I retouch my loc color using  Ayurvedic herbs. It is called the Henna and Indigo 2-Step process. This process is part of an ancient medical system that is over 3000 years old, derived from India. I started using this system back when I was a loose natural. I needed an alternative dye other than chemicals that was effective and healthy. I've been using it for the last few years to achieve my Jet Black look.


*Wash hair before applying Henna (Strip hair entirely)
*Put Henna into bowl (packages usually come in 100g, I used 200g for my hair length)

*Put water into bowl with henna (preferably warm NOT hot water)

*(OPTIONAL) put a bit a lime, lemon juice or sea salt in mixture to release dye

*(OPTIONAL) add alma powder to prevent loosening of you curl pattern if you're a loose natural

*Mix well...Mixture should be thick like pancake batter

*Cover and let Henna  sit out  at least 30 min(DO NOT REFRIGERATE)

*Dye release 6-12 hrs (THE LONGER THE BETTER)

*Cover floors and counters before application

*Apply to hair from roots to ends

*wrap with clear wrap 

*15 min prior to washing out henna..... mix Indigo (FOLLOW SAME STEPS)

*Make sure you keep powders in hair for as long as possible... 
 -Henna 2-12 hrs

*cover the bathroom or area that you are applying product...stains will become permanent if left on surface too long

* Use gloves...will stain hands for a few days

*Recommended that you co-wash before you apply henna

*when washing products out, use conditioner (cheap conditioner)

*Hair needs to oxidize...the color will enhance after 24-48 hrs