Loc Wash Routine

I have made some changes to my Loc Wash Routine. I think its really important to know your hair on a intimate level. If you pay that much attention to what's going on with it, as changes occur, you can adjust.

That's what I had to do. Over the last few retwists, I noticed that I haven't had alot of new growth. I was starting to retwist over twisted hair. Over twisting will eventually cause thinning and locs to pop. 

I also noticed that my locs were starting to get soft at the very tips of my locs. Just like locs can pop off from dryness, they can pop from too much moisture. I have a very strong moisture regimen and I have to cut back a little on the moisture.

Here is my current Loc Wash Regimen.

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ROSE WATER http://amzn.to/2ihQARh

ALOE VERA GEL http://amzn.to/2izGVmF
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